NY Anesthesiologist turned COVID-19 Doc

While many of us follow stay-at-home orders and wait for lockdowns to end, healthcare workers continue to battle on the frontlines against the novel coronavirus.

Doctors and nurses from all hospital departments suddenly found themselves as first responders in intensive care units intubating patient after patient, trying to treat and prevent the spread of the highly-infectious disease.

One of them is Dr Tazeen Beg, an anesthesiologist at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Long Island, New York – a 600-bed facility that essentially turned into a COVID-19 hospital.

The 53-year-old has treated hundreds of patients over these last two months and says there are several moments that have ‘stayed with her’ during such unprecedented times.

Speaking with DailyMail.com, Beg explained what her days have been like, the challenges she and her co-workers face as they treat seriously ill patients, and the heartbreaking moment in which a patient asked her if he was going to die.

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