Vote of Thanks from Outgoing President

Dear friends,

Dr. Kohkan Shamsi
Outgoing AMAANA President Dr. Kohkan Shamsi

I am proud and privileged to have been given the opportunity to serve as president of AMAANA for the last two years. Although it was a tough and trying time for every one of us, this has been a rewarding, fulfilling and enriching experience. I was fortunate to be a part of a wonderful team that had great energy, and showed exceptional persistence, patience, and perseverance to continue to support JNMC.
Over the years I have been part of many teams, boards, and many groups, but nowhere have I seen such devoted members like AMAANA.

I would like to thank:

• Our executive committee members for their unreserved and unconditional commitment to AMAANA and its cause, for their donated time, and for all their hard work that, despite Covid, enabled us to accomplish many collaborative programs.
• All AMAANA members and JNMC alumni supporting our JNMC and rising to the occasion when called upon. Your ongoing support for JNMC is exemplary and incredible.
• All doners and supporters of AMAANA and hope this support will further grow and we would participate in more such programs.
• JNMC administration and JNMC colleagues to work hand in hand with AMAANA for the betterment of JNMC.
• Professor Tariq Mansoor, Current Vice Chancellor who is also JNMC alumni for keeping us informed and funneling the funds appropriately and keeping the focus on priorities.
• Professor Ashraf Khan, who took the responsibility of election officer and invested a lot of time to supervise the elections.
I am not going to try to highlight all our accomplishments, but there is one that must be mentioned. This is of course collection of funds for oxygen plant and upgrade of the ICUs. You all demonstrated your undying love for our alma mater, opened your heart and rose to the occasion when there was a dire need. We reached our target just in 2 weeks, an amazing achievement by any standards. With this gusto and enthusiasm, the possibilities are endless. Due to Covid restrictions, we could not do many things that we wanted to do and that includes our get together. I am sure the new team under the able guidance of incoming president, Dr. Reshma Mehmood, will take AMAANA to newer heights.

I wish the new strong and talented team all the best who will take charge from 1st of January. You will always have my continued support. Good luck.

A very happy and healthy 2022, stay safe, stay blessed!

Kohkan Shamsi

Vote of Thanks from Outgoing President
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