AMAANA General Body Meeting

A virtual meeting was held on 6th June 2021. After Tilawat-e-Quran by Dr. Huma Kazmie and President’s address by Dr. Kohkan Shamsi, Dr. Tazeen beg helped us to remember JNMC teachers and colleagues who succumbed to COVID. Prof Shahid Siddiqui, Principal JNMC and Dr. Abu Nadeem, Head of ICU discussed their experience during second COVID wave and JNMC’s priorities of improvement and upgrades followed by question/answer session. Dr. Shahid Siddiqui also thanked AMAANA members for their generous contribution. Their immediate need is to upgrade critical care and increase capacity of ICU and pediatric ICU. Dr. Anup Katyal who is providing telemedicine support to patients in India shared his experience and discussed current concepts of COVID management.

Dr. Huma Ansari, presented Annual Report and Dr. Syed Mohsin Alvi, shared financial report. After vote of thanks by Dr. Huma Kazmie, the meeting was concluded with virtual university Tarana.

Our next fund collection campaign will be focused on providing funding for the improvement of critical care facilities.

Thank you all for attending the meeting and showing your unwavering and unrestricted support for JNMC.

President’s Address

Dear friends,

Thank you for joining the meeting and giving your valuable time on Sunday. Thank You Dr. Shahid Siddiqui and Dr. Mubeen to join at this late hour. We all have gone through this unprecedented difficult time and each one of us has suffered personal losses. Almost 2 years have passed since we met in the summer of 2019. AMAANA elections were planned this month but were postponed due to Covid situation.

I am very proud to report that a lot of AMAANA members have been and are involved frontline management of Covid. We are all indebted to their contribution and their personal commitment is exemplary.

AMAANA and JNMC covid warriors got together and formed an AMAANA JNMC fourm to exchange ideas and discuss recent advances in the treatment and management strategies

We also organized webinar series to discuss and learn from each other. I would like to thank Prof Tariq Mansoor and Prof Shahid Siddiqui for supporting this and Prof. Ziaur rehman for coordinating this webinar series. Dr. Huma Ansari will provide details in her report.

A few AMAANA members like Dr. Anup Katyal are also involved in Telemedicine and providing treatment to patients in India. You will hear more from Dr. Katyal later.

During the recent covid wave oxygen supply became a critical issue. one oxygen plant was sanctioned by the university, but one plant was not enough, so all alumni came together to support the second oxygen plant. The cost of second plant is about 200000$. Alumni associations from middle east, the UK, Australia and USA and Canada came together and raisede 200K in less than 2 wks. I am happy to report that AMAANA took to the lead and contributed 64K, largest contribution compared to all other associations. I am really proud of all of you that you rose to the occasion and opened your heart to support our alma meter. Dr. Shahid will provide more information about the current status of oxygen plants

we are still not out of it and JNMC needs our continued support. I am sure we are willing are ready to face the next challenge. One of JNMC’s short term goals is to upgrade critical care facilities including ICU and pediatric ICU. Dr. Shahid and Dr. Abu Nadeem will talk about this.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that there is potential for all alumni to contribute to JNMC in different ways and scale. Collecting funds for university is important but non-financial contributions like mentoring, acting as role model, dissemination of expertise, professional development guidance, enhancing JNMC image etc. have immense long-term impact both on our alma mater and students.

AMAANA’s collective opinion can play a very important role in potential JNMC’s projects and proposed solutions to the challenges and would be of high value to JNMC in achieving its vision and mission.

I am convinced that while having an engaged alumni network is beneficial to the institution, it is a 2-way street and the benefit to the alumni themselves is immense. AMAANA members can utilize this platform for cross discipline research, business collaborations, job opportunities and mentoring etc. Mentoring itself can be very rewarding.

You have all shown that your active participation is essential for our success. Let’s join hands and give our unrestricted, unconditional, and unwavering support to JNMC.

We will also hear secretary’s report by Dr. Huma Ansari and financial health of AMAANA will be presented by Dr. Mohsin Alvi later in the program.
We are hopeful that we will be able to meet in person sometimes during summer or in fall in Washington DC.

Please put your questions for Dr. Shahid and Dr. Mubeen in the chat box and we will take these questions after their talk.

We have many teachers, colleagues and friends from AMU who passed away during this recent wave of Covid. I am handing over to Dr. Tazeen Beg to remember them.

Kohkan Shamsi MD, PhD
President AMAANA

AMAANA General Body Meeting
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