Aligs Academic Enrichment Programme

AMAANA is in collaboration with the Aligarh Summer University program, now known as the Aligs Academic Enrichment Programme (AAEP). It is designed to implement Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s vision of imparting modern education, particularly for the “Millat” and aims to produce top professionals in Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management, Sciences and Humanities.

The Aligarh Summer University program was started in the year 2000 by a small group of alumni led by Prof. Asad Ahmad, University of Alberta, Canada, to strengthen and enrich the existing educational program at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) by providing new knowledge and technology to the students.  It was felt that by offering new knowledge and technologies to AMU students and providing advice to promising students for higher studies abroad and for various national competitions it would be possible to assist them in achieving their chosen goals.

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